Frequently Asked Questions

What is dragon boating?

  • Equal parts sporting event and spectacle, dragon boating is a team sport that has its roots in ancient China. A dragon boat is a long, colorful boat, similar to a racing canoe. Each boat is propelled by a team of 20 paddlers, a drummer and steer person (provided for you).

Why is Mayo Clinic Health System and the Boys & Girls Club hosting this event?

  • The Big Blue Dragon Boat Festival is a celebration of the human spirit, as we gather in compassionate and enthusiastic support for our community the event promotes fitness and teamwork, while raising funds for the Center for Breast Care and the healthy lifestyle programming at the Boys & Girls Club.

How long is the race course?

  • The race course is approximately 300 meters in length. It takes an average team less than 1.5 minutes to complete the course!

Do I need to be an experienced paddler to participate?

  • Dragon boating is enjoyable for people of all ages and fitness levels. The success of a team depends on how well you can paddle in unison, as a team. When all 20 paddlers work together in perfect sync, the boat moves smoothly and quickly through the water. All skill levels are welcome.

How do I participate and what is the cost?

  • Gather your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers and register a team.
    1. Choose a race division: Youth, Community, Corporate, and Breast Cancer Survivors.
    2. Select your team competition level. Find all the details on our Team Information page.
    3. Register Here!
  • Team fees are $800-900.
    • The fee includes a practice session with a coach to help prepare your team for race day.

Can a person paddle on more than one team?

  • Double rostering is permissible only if the paddler or drummer is rostered on teams from two different divisions (Corporate, Community or Breast Cancer Survivor).

I’m interested in paddling but I don’t have a team. How can I participate? 

I’m a team captain and need more paddlers to fill my boat. Where I can find others?

Do I need to purchase special equipment to participate?

  • No, you do not need to purchase special equipment to participate in dragon boating. Paddles and personal flotation devices (PFDs) will be provided at practice and on race day.

What should we wear?

  • We do recommend you wear comfortable, moisture-wicking clothing that does not absorb or hold moisture (i.e., Dryfit or Coolmax). You will get wet! Shoes are required. Wear an old pair, water sandals or aqua socks are good choices. Flip Flops are not allowed.

How can I get involved if I don’t want to paddle?

  • Become a volunteer! Volunteering requires no special skills — just a willingness to help and a desire to help produce one of the area’s most exciting outdoor competitions. To learn more view volunteer information.
  • Or become a sponsor!

Who do I contact if I have more questions?